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This workshop is an ideal gift for the whiskey-lover in your life - a unique opportunity to create their own whiskey from scratch.

This hands-on experience includes everything from grinding malted barley all the way through to the distillation process. Participants will discover the essential elements that give whiskey its flavour, mouthfeel and smoothness. 

The full-day workshop costs $390 and includes a gourmet lunch and a whiskey tasting. All participants will be invited to a free barrel sampling after 12 months and after 2 years maturing - they will get priority access to the whiskey they have made at wholesale prices.

Please note that this workshop includes physical activity and is only available to people who are 18+. Numbers are limited to 8 participants per workshop to ensure each person can be actively involved in the process.

The Dates vary through the year. We currently have 4 workshops between now and the end of January 2024.

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Hepburn Distillery

1 Gin La, Daylesford VIC 3460

Monday - 10am - 4pm

Tuesday - 10am - 4pm

Wednesday - 9am - 5pm

Thursday - 12 am–5 pm

Friday - 10 am–9 pm

Saturday - 10 am–9 pm

Sunday - 10 am–4 pm

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