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Award Winning Vodka


Our vodka has been named the worlds number one. Receiving the gold medal at the world spirit awards. The majority of vodka you will find on the shelf is made in huge vats from anything that can be fermented - generally wheat, rye or grape juice. Whilst these processes create a perfectly drinkable base spirit, the crops they are made from are generally intensively farmed with high energy inputs and pesticide use.

Our vodka by contrast is made the traditional way, using heritage, locally grown, potatoes. Making vodka from spuds is an involved process. They have to be peeled, pureed, heated slowly and treated with enzymes to convert starch into sugar, adding yeasts at just the right moment to turn the sugar into alcohol. Once fermented the liquor is distilled multiple times and finally charcoal-filtered to produce our flagship rich, slightly oily, slightly viscous vodka.


Our aged potato vodka is made from organic potatoes grown from the mineral-rich waters and red, volcanic soil of Hepburn Shire. Our full-bodied, viscous vodka develops smoky caramel and vanilla overtones whilst stored in oak, delighting the palette with a rich, full flavour and a smooth finish

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